Real-Time Motion Graphics for Live Production

with TriCaster® TC1 and NewTek IP Series

Create and present spectacular real-time motion graphics that enhance your
production and emphasize your brand with NewTek LiveGraphics.

A revolução da imagem que você esperava chegou.

LiveGraphics is a revolutionary approach that combines the power of the most complete production systems on the planet and the world’s leading creative platform—Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

From author to air—faster and easier than ever before.

Get the look you’ve always wanted for your production, using the workflow that works for you—from editing the included motion templates, to importing your own graphics from Adobe® Photoshop®, to creating custom animations with Adobe® After Effects®.

Sophisticated Graphics Made Easy

No proprietary design tools. No specialized training. LiveGraphics lets you work with the same Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools you already have, know, and love, so you can start producing and presenting animated titles, motion graphics, and looping effects for your live productions right away.

Get Instant Animated Graphics

Need graphics to impress—right now? Load and go with 100+ production-ready LiveGraphics templates included for your NewTek IP Series or TriCaster TC1 system buffers. Insert your own title text and images, display real-time content, and customize overlays instantly with data and layer presets.

Control from Any Device, Anywhere

Pair with NewTek LivePanel to manage motion graphics from any computer or mobile device on your network. Plus, with built-in DataLink technology, you can connect to scoreboards, spreadsheets, and other remote data sources to populate and update graphics automatically. LiveGraphics templates even supports text and images direct from the Web when with combined with the DataLink extension for Google Chrome.

Use Layered PSD Files

Create individual graphics or an entire package in Adobe® Photoshop® CC, then bring the PSD files directly into your NewTek live production system. LiveGraphics recognizes the layers automatically, allowing you to manage elements independently and store up 16 macro-ready variations per system buffer.

Animate in After Effects

Animate graphics faster and easier than ever before with the included LiveGraphics Creator plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC. Simply import a PSD, drag and drop presets to apply motion, then export for use in your system. Or use SmartBuilder to let LiveGraphics analyze your content and add animations for you.

Elevate Your Viewer Experience

With LiveGraphics, you can have up to 10 simultaneous channels of HD, 3G, or 4K UHD motion graphics available for your production. All assets are rendered in real time, allowing your live, animated graphics to retain their native creative elements—and remain fully customizable up to and including when they hit the air.

NewTek LiveGraphics

Available exclusively with Premium Access for the NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1

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Ganhe acesso exclusivo ao software, recursos e conteúdo premium de seu sistema de produção ao vivo NewTek com o Acesso Premium NewTek. A partir de vídeo e áudio, à conectividade e ao controle, o Acesso Premium NewTek oferece aos assinantes um pacote de ferramentas e funcionalidades que nenhuma outra produção ao vivo impulsionada por software deve ficar sem.

Compatibilidade com o NewTek LiveGraphics

  • Compatível com NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine e TriCaster® TC1
  • Compatíveis com as versões atuais dos aplicativos* compatíveis do Adobe® Creative Cloud® * para Microsoft® Windows®
*É preciso ser assinante do Adobe® Creative Cloud®. Necessário ter os requisitos mínimos do sistema.
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