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Equipe seus produtos e fluxos de trabalho para produção de vídeo baseada em IP baixando o Kit de Desenvolvimento de Software do NDI. Este SDK oferece as ferramentas e recursos que os desenvolvedores e fabricantes precisam para integrar o NDI, a inovadora tecnologia de Interface do Dispositivo de Rede da NewTek, em seus próprios sistemas, dispositivos e aplicativos.

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Sobre o NDI

NDI is a royalty free standard enabling compatible products to share video, audio, and data across a local area network. Using refined encoding and communication, NDI allows systems, devices and applications to identify and communicate bi-directionally with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit, and receive multiple streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time.

About the SDK

The NDI SDK provides the tools and resources for developers and manufacturers to easily add native NDI support to their video products. The SDK enables products to find, send, and/or receive video streams over IP, with an encoding algorithm independent of resolution and frame rate supporting up to 4K (and beyond), along with 16 channels (and more) of floating-point audio. It also includes tools to implement video access and grouping, bi-directional metadata, IP commands, and more.

The Industry’s Leading IP Standard

With hundreds of companies adopting and integrating NDI into their commercial video products using the NDI SDK, NDI has quickly become the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry. Between these newly compatible products, NewTek products, and existing products from third-party manufacturers and developers made compatible through software, NDI-enabled systems, devices and applications are currently in the hands of millions of customers worldwide.

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Supporting modern operating systems—Windows®, Linux®, and macOS—and mobile devices, and integrating into other IP standards like ASPEN and SMPTE 2022, NDI enables unprecedented interoperability and software-driven IP workflows. Join the industry’s largest IP ecosystem of products and the rapidly growing number of companies integrating NDI by downloading the NDI SDK today.

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Solução de problemas do NDI

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Como adicionar o NDI em sua rede

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