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Connect with NewTek and see systems designed to meet audience expectations–today and tomorrow. With versions ranging from HD, to 4K and beyond, these systems use the latest technology to keep pace with the constant innovation happening in and around the video industry, while maintaining proven and familiar workflows you use today. Your end-to-end IP workflow is here today at NewTek.

New Products. New Answers.

Visit Stand J-10 and see how they make video production easier, faster, and BETTER.

  • NEW NDIHX-PTZ1 Camera: Be among the first to see the world’s first camera with built-in NDI and true “plug and play” usability
  • NEW Connect Spark Converters: instantly convert HDMI and SDI video into sources on the network
  • NEW TriCaster® TC1: 4K UHD 60p, 16 external inputs, built-in Skype TX, and much more (NAB Best of Show winner)
  • NDI® Technology: Already supported by more developers than any other IP standard
  • The NewTek IP Series: Limitless 4K 60p IP and SDI production; now with updated hardware, control panels, and software features
  • 3Play®: Replay and turnkey sports video production solutions

And so much more, including telestration, virtual sets, keying, recording— everything you need to take your production to the next level, and be ready for the next generation of IP.

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