NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera Features

Imagine the possibilities of a camera that can serve as a live video input for any NDI®-compatible hardware or software—from anywhere on your network. Introducing the NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera, the faster, easier, and better way to acquire live video.

Multicast ModeNEW

Optionally allow multiple destinations to receive video from your NDI® PTZ Camera without individual point-to-point connections to conserve network bandwidth.

NDI® Output

Acquire and deliver video to the network in full HD, with NDI® output via NDI®|HX and native support for resolutions up to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Power over Ethernet

Streamline installation and reduce cabling complexity, optionally eliminating the need for a separate power supply connection with support for Power over Ethernet via POE+ (802.3at).


Perform real-time pan, tilt, and zoom camera movements with motor-driven PTZ camera control and configurable preset positions.

3G-SDI and HDMI Output

Optionally acquire and deliver video into conventional workflows with support for 3G-SDI and HDMI hardware output.

Program and Preview Tally

Receive tally notification from compatible NDI® devices via physical LEDs when video output from your NDI® PTZ Camera is visible on Program and/or Preview.

Remote Control & Monitoring

Operate camera controls, monitor video, manage login credentials, and configure audio, video, and network settings from any compatible networked device using the Web-based user interface or NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor.

Remote Recording

Capture live NDI® PTZ Camera video remotely from any compatible computer or device using NewTek NDI® Studio Monitor.

Video Bandwidth

Select from High, Medium, and Low bandwidth output to accommodate your specific network configuration and traffic.

Video Settings

Manage NDI® PTZ Camera options to include exposure, focus, iris, shutter speed, white balance, wide dynamic range, and more with configurable video settings.


Present high-quality audio, with support for mic and line level audio input, and adjustable volume control.

NDI® Virtual Input

Designate your NDI® PTZ Camera as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and more, via the included software driver.

Network Identification

Easily identify your NDI® PTZ Camera on the network with the ability to apply custom device and channel names.

Free Firmware Updates

Download and install free firmware updates to ensure your NDI® PTZ Camera is equipped with the latest features, capabilities, and performance enhancements.

NDI® PTZ Camera

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Updates & Documentation

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Sobre o NewTek NDI®

O NDI está em uso em milhões de sistemas e permite que múltiplos sistemas de vídeo identifiquem e comuniquem-se uns com os outros via IP, e codifiquem, transmitam e recebam muitos streams de alta qualidade, baixa latência, vídeo de precisão de quadro e áudio em tempo real. Isso beneficia qualquer dispositivo de vídeo conectado à rede, incluindo mixers de vídeo, sistemas gráficos, placas de captura, e muitos outros dispositivos de produção. Além de tornar possível aumentar exponencialmente o número de fontes disponíveis para mixagem na produção ao vivo, sem conectar diretamente os dispositivos, mudar de local ou investir em caras redes de alta largura de banda, que simplesmente substituem os fluxos de trabalho com base em SDI.

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