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Use Any Joystick with NewTek NDI PTZ Camera

May 16, 2018 by Kane Peterson

Any standard and many specialty single-axis joysticks can be used to control your NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera. This can be done through NewTek NDI Studio Monitor, available as part of the free NDI Tools Pack. NewTek’s Kane Peterson demonstrates how to set up and use the capability with an X-Keys XK-12 single-axis joystick.

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Available joysticks attached to the system will now be listed in the submenu for PTZ Joystick. Simply select the joystick that you wish to use and begin controlling the PTZ1 camera.

If the joystick supports rotation, this can be used to control zoom on the 20x PTZ1. Rotate the joystick to do the zoom, and rotate it back to center to halt the zoom.

With a joystick like the XK-12 with programmable buttons, if you program buttons to do joystick operations such as rotate, they will also operate the PTZ1.

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