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Switching Angles During a Replay Using 3Play® 3P1

August 08, 2019 by Richard Evans, video; Chuck Baker, text.


Sports fans love to see those “Wow!” moments in the game again and again, and from multiple angles. The same goes for those moments when officials make a controversial call. NewTek 3Play® 3P1 provides four-channel synchronized recording that makes offering replays quick and easy, plus allows for switching angles during instant replay just as simply as if you were switching during the live segments. NewTek Video Producer Richard Evans shows us – in less than two minutes – how to set up for such replays and how to execute them in production with a couple of button presses.

Building on what we see in the video, here are some tips:

  • With 3Play’s variable speed playback, you can use the T-Bar to use slow-motion for the replay so viewers can see the fantastic play action, or see what the ref saw and called, in detail from every angle captured for maximum insight
  • Set up your social media publishing parameters ahead of time with the Auto Upload settings and send selected replay clips or stills to social media just by pressing the Publish button
  • NDI® Telestrator Pro is standard with 3Play 3P1. Network an appropriate device for your experts, and they can comment on your replays with dual-channel telestration capability

All of these and more are designed to be done on the fly without interrupting your flow of live production for the game or event.

We hope this video is helpful for you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a Facebook Live or Tip Jar Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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