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IP Workflows: Understanding Mezzanine Compression

August 29, 2016 by Chuck Baker

Jim Defillippis.jpg.ashxJim DeFillipis took time in his blog a while back to explain one of the many phrases that frequently comes into the conversation about IP workflow: mezzanine video compression.  HD and 4K video signals are huge amounts of data, and the trick to IP transport of video is how to compress the signal with minimal loss, so that you can fit the video signal to IP bandwidths, but maintain quality. The combination of meeting a bandwidth limitation but keeping image quality is what is referred to as “mezzanine compression.” A further goal important to the concept of mezzanine compression is that the protocol must allow for encoding and decoding multiple times as needed as the video goes through the pipeline, and additional processing and editing, all without loss.

JimDMezzDigital cameras have to deal with the issue as well, in order to write data to digital media at best speed and to get the most from the storage space. In a clear and easy-to-follow discussion, DeFillipis looks at both how various items of equipment work the problem and how the IP standards under development (or in the case of NewTek NDI, deployed and in action) tackle the issue.

DeFillipis ends with a question: “But will mezzanine video compression be acceptable for live video streaming inside a video production?”  Actually, NewTek NDI is built on a technology that has been providing video this way to live productions all the way from local shows streamed live, to major international productions broadcast and streamed globally, for more than ten years.

Read the complete article at TV Technology: Mezzanine Compression: 10 Pounds of Video in a 5 Pound Sack

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  • Images in the body of this article by TV Technology.
  • Featured image above article: NewTek Connect Pro UI shot showing 16 NDI streams (HD videos) being served over a 1 GB Ethernet network connection. Smart routines provide thumbnail views until a stream is selected for use at full-resolution in production, at which time that video is sent in high-quality NDI stream to the production system making the request. Learn More about NewTek NDI.

Try NDI in your workflow now: What Are The Free NDI Applications and Where Do I Get Them?

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