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How to use DataLink for Google Chrome in TriCaster®

June 04, 2019 by Richard Evans, video; Chuck Baker, text.


Selecting a Facebook Page Image for a DataLink field in TriCaster

NewTek TriCaster® TC1, NewTek VMC1 and TriCaster models with Advanced Edition software offer DataLink, which can drive graphics and text in real-time during live productions by a variety of means. Among those means is the ability to interact with Google Chrome to draw content from Twitter or Facebook. In this tutorial, NewTek video content producer Richard Evans shows us how to set up Chrome and your TriCaster to allow you to select text and graphics from Twitter to populate a graphics template.

A common use case for many live shows is to share social media messages during the program. The messages are most often curated by staff - you want messages of interest, and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises during the show, so unless you are very confident of your audience’s wit and discretion, you curate rather than completely automate the process. That’s exactly the steps that Richard shows how to do here.

Links you’ll need:

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