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Facebook Live Streaming with TriCaster® Standard Edition

August 03, 2018 by Richard Evans and Chuck Baker

TriCaster® Advanced Edition includes a plugin for streaming to Facebook Live that connects quickly and simply. However, TriCasters equipped with Standard Edition software can stream to Facebook Live as well, with a little more work. In this tutorial, NewTek content producer Richard Evans takes us through the required steps to create a new streaming preset for Facebook Live and launch a stream.

TriCaster UI: Select project, open live session.

The process begins by opening the project that you wish to stream from. Select the project, and move on to the TriCaster Open Session menu to launch the session.

In the video, Richard sets up a simple clip in the DDR as the available content for playback. For your project you may have any number of camera and other video sources available that your TriCaster model can handle, plus video clips, graphics and animations in your media players and frame buffers.

TriCaster UI: Click on the Settings gear for the Stream button.

Next, on the top bar controls, locate the Stream button and the Settings Gear icon for it, and click on the gear.

TriCaster UI: Enter Facebook.com in the Stream browser address bar.

This will open the Configure Streaming Connection panel and browser window, with stream preset information and settings. First, enter the URL “facebook.com” in the address field.

TriCaster UI: Selecting Create Connection from Current URL on menu dropdown.

Next, open the Streaming presets dropdown list, and select the bottom menu entry, Create Connection from Current URL.

TriCaster UI: Select the connection type for the stream.

A panel will open asking for a connection type. Select RTMP Streaming and click OK.

TriCaster UI: Select the stream format and bits per second.

Next drop down the Streaming Settings menu and select 1280x720 1280k for your stream format and bits per second.

TriCaster UI: Name the new preset.

Now would be a good time to name the new preset you are creating. Click into the name field and change from “Unnamed Connection#”” to “Facebook”.

TriCaster UI: Post Live button, Facebook Live panel, Facebook Login panel.

At this point, you would click on the Post Live button, which is now active. This will open the Facebook Live panel, which in turn will open a Facebook login panel. Fill in your username and password credentials and click the Login button.

TriCaster UI: Select any of the pages you manage to stream to.

You can select any page that you manage from your logged in account, and stream to that page.

TriCaster UI: You may enter a title and description for the stream.

You may enter a title and a description for the stream in the appropriate fields. There is a privacy setting that is set to Public - you can adjust that on Facebook. Click OK on the Facebook Live panel and OK on the Streaming Configuration Panel to close them.

TriCaster UI: Re-open the Settings Configuration Panel to see the stream URL address and ID.

If you wish to check the stream address and ID, just click on the Stream settings gear again; the Settings Configuration panel will re-open, and the address and Stream ID fields will be filled in by Facebook.

TriCaster UI: Click the Stream button to start streaming.

Click on the Stream button to start the stream. The button will turn blue while the stream is being initialized. When the stream begins, a clock shows in the button and begins running to indicate the streaming time.

If you wish to check the Facebook page to confirm and monitor the stream, you would need to do that from another system.

We hope this video has been helpful for you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a Facebook Live or 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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