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2-Minute Tutorial: NewTek Connect Pro Automatic Playback Over the IP Video Network

December 09, 2016 by Chuck Baker

In a previous Tip entry, 2-Minute Tutorial: How to Set Up NewTek Connect Pro for Media Playback, we showed how to set up NewTek Connect Pro and add its outputs to a switcher’s inputs. NewTek Connect Pro can be a source for any NDI-enabled production switcher, but there are some additional advantages when you use the application with a TriCaster, and we’ll show you those here. In many ways, using NewTek Connect Pro is like having four more DDRs for a TriCaster.

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We start in the quad monitor view, so all four of our enabled NDI sources are displayed in the NewTek Connect Pro UI. We have an AutoPlay function that can be used with the TriCaster, and we can engage that for each of the sources by clicking the AutoPlay button on the Playback controls for each of the four monitors.

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AutoPlay will play a video from its current position, so if you have a particular place you want to start other than the beginning, you can simply play to that point and stop. However, if we want to make sure that each of these videos plays from its beginning, we can use the Stop on Stop function. Suppose all four are currently stopped, but we are not sure at what position in the video. Not a problem - if we hit the Stop button on the Playback controls for each monitor, the video in that monitor will jump to its beginning. Now we are ready to play the video clips in the TriCaster UI.

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In the video you can see that the operator has the four NDI sources from NewTek Connect Pro set up on Inputs 9 through 12. In the TriCaster UI image at left we have indicated the areas where we will be working.

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As the operator begins, an animated buffer is on Program output, and nothing is on Preview. The operator selects Input 9 on the Preview bus, and the starting frame of the video shows up on Preview, ready to be switched to Program output. The operator clicks Auto on the Main T-Bar, which fades the source onto Program output, and the video begins playing.

In the video, our operator selects each input in turn on the Preview row, and then does an Auto Fade to bring that input to Program Out, where the video then plays. You’ll note that you can use either the Auto button under the main T-Bar, or the one under the Effects/Background panel section, as is done when Input 10 was selected.

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The TriCaster UI colorcodes the Preview monitor  with a green outline, and Program monitor with a red outline. NDI is bidirectional, so the TriCaster is able to send this tally information to NewTek Connect Pro. If your sources are on Preview or Program they will also show a green or red color outline, accordingly.

We hope this video has been helpful to you and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two-minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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