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2-Minute Tutorial: Free NDI Tools for IP Video Productions

February 16, 2017 by Chuck Baker

For those who have TriCaster or other NDI-enabled production systems, but who have not yet tried using NDI sources in production, there are free NDI Tools from NewTek to get you started.  In this video, we will look at several of the free NDI Tools.

The NewTek NDI Tools Pack is a free download: NewTek NDI Tools Pack Download Page (registration required).

The file you download is an installer, “NewTek NDI Tools.exe”.  Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to install the NDI Tools to your chosen system. Once installation is complete, you can follow along with the steps our presenter takes in the demo to use three of the available tools.

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First shown is the NDI Video Monitor application. If you would like to supplement what you learn in the video with a full tutorial  in text and images on this application, we have it here: How To Monitor NDI Sources From Any Networked PC

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Second shown is NDI Test Patterns. A full tutorial in text and images is here: How To Use Any PC As A Test Signal Generator With NDI

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The last item shown is the NewTek NDI VLC Plugin, for VLC Media Player. A full tutorial in text and images is here: VLC Media Player and NewTek NDI VLC Plugin

Additional tools included in the Pack are:

  • NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides real-time NDI streaming direct from Premiere and After Effects, to speed the approval process and even to offer a live workflow, both without rendering and uploading;
  • NDI Scan Converter, which allows you to send full-screen output of a PC or just the output of one program as NDI video to TriCaster or another NDI-enabled switcher or recorder. We have a tutorial for this one here : How to Make Your PC a Network Video Source As you can see from this video and the related tutorials, the free NDI Tool Pack has very practical software tools to provide IP workflow additions to any NDI-enabled production systems. When you are ready to go beyond these useful tools, NewTek and a variety of other manufacturers offer software tools that provide everything from production graphics to powerful media server and isocording systems.

We hope this video has been helpful to you, and if you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a two-minute tutorial, please send us a message.

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For more information on our free tools and free trial NDI applications see our Tip: What Are The Free NDI Applications and Where Do I Get Them?

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