3Play 440/4800 Curriculum


Video Notes

An outline of the instructional videos, important notes from the videos content, a selected list of keyboard shortcuts, and a list of acronyms used in the curriculum.
1.7 MB - PDF


An Activities Summary and the Detailed Activities to be performed by learners under the guidance of the instructor.
1.7 MB - PDF

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Notes, the Video Outline, the Activities Summary, and the Answers to the Activities Mastery Questions.
1.2 MB - PDF


1 Introduction(2:00)

A short introduction to the training video series.

2 Physical Setup(9:33)

Connecting the system hardware—power, monitors, keyboard, mouse, video inputs, video outputs, audio inputs, and audio outputs.

3 The Home and Session Page(11:07)

Create a new session, register the 3Play 4800, and import media on the Home Page.

4 Interface and Control Surface Tour(3:35)

View the action from every angle with full field rate preview displays. Monitor audio levels with VU meter overlays. Select from additional layouts and send on-screen monitors to a second display with integrated multi-view monitors.

5 Live Desktop and Input/Output(14:39)

Connect up to eight live video sources (or up to four with fully redundant capture), audio sources, and the included hardware control surface for multi-channel recording, multi-speed playback, media publishing, and asset management.

6 CLIP LIST, PLAY LIST, and Tags(3:28)

How to use the CLIP LIST, the PLAY LIST, and tag clips.

7 Modes(1:49)

A description of the different modes available and how to use them during a production.

8 Basic Workflow(6:02)

The basics of the 3Play 4800 workflow, including creating instant replays and playing back events from multiple angles.

9 Advanced Event Creation(5:33)

Creating and replaying events during a live production.

10 Working with the CLIP LIST(2:29)

Manage all marked events and clips for playback. The multi-tab structure, customizable tab names, and per-clip metadata entry provide for efficient asset management and organization.

11 Tagging Clips(9:17)

Create and manage your own code system for instant metadata entry. Assign Tags to teams, play types, and players – then build full descriptions from keystrokes or simple control surface commands.

12 Adding Media(1:36)

How to add video, still images, and audio.

13 Playback Speed Control(1:35)

Exploring different playback options.

14 The CLIP LIST Workflow(1:00)

Playing back clips using the CLIP LIST.

15 Dual Outputs(7:53)

Using transitions, Autoplay, and speed controls in the Program to Preview workflow.

16 Working with the PLAY LIST(6:08)

Create highlight reels with per-clip management of audio and playback. Build and organize multiple clip sequences using the multi-tab structure, then customize with animation store transitions and a background music track.

17 Social Media Publishing(5:48)

Set publish destinations, Auto Upload, and add video and stills to the Publish Queue to instantly distribute content in real time for second and third screen social engagement.

18 Exporting Media(3:09)

How to export a production for use outside of 3Play 4800.

19 Session and Live Desktop(6:25)

A demo of setting up a session and working in the Live Desktop.

20 Basic Workflow Demo(7:00)

A demo of a basic real-life workflow.

21 Tagging Workflow Demo(4:55)

A demo of tagging clips.

22 Advanced Workflow Demo(5:40)

A demo of putting transitions between events, tagging clips, and more advanced techniques.